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"A source close to the actor told Digital Spy: "Gerard still isn't over Zoe and he misses her loads.

They had so much in common and were really good together."It was a bit weird for him last week at the ceremony as everyone thought, at a glance, the girl he was with was actually Zoe," they continued.

She first appeared on the show on 23 December 2004, in its Christmas special.

She was originally meant to replace Liz Barker when the latter left on maternity leave; however, Barker had already returned by the time Salmon made her debut.

’ Somebody else’s dad said, 'I wanted to eat it all again, immediately.’ It’s the first time that’s happened to me, partly because not all restaurants are round the corner from my house, but mainly because discussing restaurants with acquaintances is a tightrope.

If they’re too expensive, it sounds ostentatious, and if they’re unremarkable, you’re wasting valuable conversation you could be spending on the weather.

Somebody’s dad said, 'I would have liked a goose egg!

' I asked (my tone was plaintive, rather than scathing). ' he asked helpfully, and awarded me an extra 15 minutes.

I'll eat at such a restaurant, though I could never love it. It's all marble and brass, bathed in golden light, with velvet upholstery and a chic crowd. And boy, is it cheap: you will have to be quick, because prices always rise, but for now it's at or below a Café Rouge on price point, and a hundred times more charming.

“One girl was body-popping and another decided to do a sexy strip.

presenter Zoe Salmon has secretly married her Prince Charming, William Corrie, in Barbados.

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