But apartment-mates usually balk at the introduction of an additional, unofficial resident.Carrying on a viable relationship under such circumstances involves shifting from one friend's place to another's, in the constant search for a spot to spend the night together in peace and semi-privacy.They also called to reschedule my appointment because apparently they only accept new patients at certain times. Mcmorris was very personable and professional I was kept waiting almost 45 minutes, and they required that I pay the full amount upfront even though I have excellent insurance and am only required to pay a co-pay of 20%.I had to wait another 10 minutes for the "receipt", which was a handwritten on a telephone message type pad - very unprofessional.The reasons for early marriages and consequent domestic troubles vary, but a few generalizations hold true.Often the unaccomodating logistics of Soviet society are most at fault.

Marriage at 19, divorce at 23--often with a young child left in the breach--is the all-too-common scenario.

Speaks in long sentences and enjoys polysyllablic diction.

Unforgiving and usually unaccomodating of ignorance, stupidity and thoughtlessness other than his own. They all have them, they all think they're very cute.

Singer/pianist Amanda Palmer just deploys too many mindfucks, warping a song like "Ultima Esperanza" from 1990s female singer-songwriter detritus to an unsettling ballad of turbulent yelps and lyrics about an amputee.

Multi-track harmonies and a killer chorus hook sweeten "Sorry Bunch", but Palmer's sneering delivery and despair ("here's to alcohol/here's to chemicals") stave off corniness.

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