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He got the music bug when destiny dropped a lonely left-handed guitar into a charity shop. His distinctive flavour of acoustic folk-pop spans classic songwriting like Dylan, Cohen and Martyn and to the best of modern Rn B such as Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, creating a sound described as ‘restlessly exciting and dynamic’.

In 1835, Georg Büchner, a young sometime medical student, began to write "Lenz," a story that inhabits the schizophrenic breakdown of the eighteenth-century poet Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz.—"She's Not Herself: A first novel about marriage and madness," by James Wood, June 23, 2008The Presidential flight of Hillary Rodham Clinton, which had been aloft for nearly a year, began its descent stage on January 3, 2008, somewhere over Iowa.—"Exhillaration," by Hendrik Hertzberg, June 23, 2008It was nearly midnight before Keith Olbermann left the NBC News election studio on May 13th, having spent five hours on the air, co-anchoring coverage of the West Virginia Democratic primary.—"One Angry Man; Is Keith Olbermann changing TV news? Boyer, June 23, 2008In July, 1820, John Keats published his third and final book, "Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St.and join the club with other teens and pre-teens who have been bullied online.Click the banner below to see a video made just for us by Alisha Zalkin and Tina Shafer who wrote this inspiring song. While we were working at MGM [Reunion in France (1942)] she was all about being a team and working for the good of the picture. [on Joan Crawford] Joan was a very driven woman and very insecure.

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