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The best way to answer this question is to give them your 20 second elevator speech, but it’s okay if you go over the 20 seconds, but it’s important to keep your answer brief.I would suggest no more than 90 seconds with 60 seconds being the ideal length.The type of conversation you have may differ depending on whether you live at home or if you are an independent adult.These days, it has been observed that the popularity of online dating among youngsters is rising at a great pace.Introducing yourself to strangers can be tricky because what you say depends entirely on the context.

So now that I got my baseball metaphors out of my system my advice to all of you is “expect to be asked this question and be fully prepared to offer the proper response.” After all this is not really a question, it is a request for information and your reply will set the tone for the balance of the interview. 1: First off keep your reply as brief as possible, not less than 60 seconds but no more than 2 minutes. Keen interviewers judge you by eyeballing you as well as listening to what you have to say.Remember this is generally the beginning of an interview so you have ample opportunity to present relevant information later on. Write your answer out and rehearse it until it comes out sounding natural and unrehearsed. 4: Your reply must offer the following personality traits that employers look for no matter what level job you’re applying for: intelligence, enthusiasm, confidence and professionalism.5: Present yourself in a positive yet humble way and by all means avoid sounding negative, cocky or braggadocios.Now, if you worked with a resume write or job coach, you probably would be jumping for joy, because the exercises used to prepare your resume also prepared you to knock this question out of the park.However, as a recruiter and hiring authority, I was shocked at how many people didn’t know how to respond to Tell Me About Yourself, were caught off-guard when asked this question and struck out in my evaluation of them before the interview even started.

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