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Television in the northern city of Khujand bombards young Tajiks with a wide variety of foreign fare, ranging from the decidedly off-color humor of the animated series South Park, dubbed into Russian, to a Saudi Arabian channel devoted to non-stop coverage of pilgrims visiting Mecca.

Don’t venture off-road in areas immediately adjoining the Afghan, Uzbek and Kyrgyz borders, as there are both marked and unmarked minefields.

should not be visited and it's worth keeping abreast of the news in Tajikistan as insurgency activity there can affect the security situation along the border and within Tajikistan.

, all individuals are equal before the law and courts, rights and freedoms are guaranteed irrespective of ethnicity, race, sex, language, faith, political beliefs, education, or social or property status and women and men have equal rights.

There are sporadic clashes between border forces and drug traffickers along the Afghan border, particularly in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast.

The most recent incident on 10 June 2014 resulted in a number of injuries.

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On an average, the chances of meeting a person that is worth investing time in as your potential spouse is very slim.

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