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Logan and Quinn have been dating in secret for 5 months and it was starting to take it's toll on Logan. Quogan Quinn didn't even respond with a message as she ran out of room 101 and immediately over to her secret boyfriend's room.

When he decides he's had enough of the secrecy and exposes their relationship. It was rare that they were able to find so much time alone together.

“Daniel and I have been dating for a year and a half, almost two years. So, if they didn’t meet on the “Don’t Wait” set, how did Janiel come to be? ” “So, I was on Instagram…you know the Popular Page?

Somehow a picture of Daniel showed up and I was like, ‘Oh my god he’s cute!

It’s been almost a year since Joey Graceffa released his epic coming-out music video “Don’t Wait,” and it’s basically been just as long since people started to question his relationship with the vid’s male lead, Daniel Preda.

And now, after months and months of speculation, we can tell you the news you’ve been waiting for — Janiel is real, people; and they’ve been dating for longer than you thought!

“Already, some of the adult website’s customers are being identified by name.” The site matches people according to details including their sexual preferences, the report notes.In fear that their friends would find them and they would be ridiculed for their relationship.There were plenty of times when both of them wished they could act like a couple around their friends.’ So I followed him and I realized there was no way to communicate on Instagram, so I followed him on Twitter and he DM’d me and was like, ‘Oh hi!I’m new to LA…we should meet up for coffee.'” Even though Daniel thought Joey was spam at first, the pair decided to meet up. Joey and Daniel went on to give more (adorable) details about their romance, and even sealed the announcement with a kiss.

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