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Sammi and Ronnie got together after a brief love triangle between them and Mike.After Ronnie gets into two separate fights, one landing him in the slammer and one involving Ronnie shoving Sammi, they end their relationship.Surrounded by a large group of around 30 people, the former reality star was spotted hanging with her girlfriends and sipping Moet Champagne.The former reality couple called it quits last year after five years together, and Sammi confirmed the news during the CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano's Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game in NYC."It's true.Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola has moved on from former fiance Ronnie Magro!The "Jersey Shore" alum seemed to be enjoying her single status as she celebrated her 28th Birthday at Bounce Sporting Club on Friday, an upscale sports bar located in the flatiron district.After a drunken night of partying, Sammi catches Ronnie and J-Coww hugging, giving her the impression she is being cheated on, which leads to her punching Ronnie in the face.

However, unlike her very public relationship with Ronnie, she hoped to keep things private—something that's much easier considering he's not in the business."It's refreshing," she told us at the time.

Season Two finds Sammi and Ronnie restarting their relationship, but their relationship is threatened once again by constant fights and lies.

Ronnie begins going behind Sammi's back, nightly, and sleeping with other girls, coming back home and sleeping with her.

Right now, I'm focused on myself."So what happened?

"I still care about her," adding that he's not ready to date again.

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  1. Contrary to modern perceptions of courtship and wooing stripping a woman of her agency in relationships, their reflections suggest that wooing actually does more to respect both the man’s and (especially) the woman’s agency in cultivating a romance.

  2. Anyone who does any research or reading knows that women are more sexual than men and I wanted to turn the tables around and show the women as “studs.” Also, the catalyst for me wanting to make this show was when Prop 8 was upheld in California in 2009, it was and is very upsetting to me that the government thinks they can define what our family looks like and tell my gay brothers and sisters that it’s wrong for them to love each other....