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From his high school graduation to walking his daughter down the aisle, a man must understand the basics of formal, semi-formal, and casual dressing to respect and be involved in the circumstance of the ceremony or event.

But how can you be sure to strike the right chord of sympathy?

So instead of doing something subtle and simple, my friend bought his girl a pricey Keurig coffee maker. I mean, who wouldn't want a 0 brewing system? For starters, you never use your A-Game gift for someone when they are grieving. Here is an instance of good intentions not working out well. A condolence gift is not a time to pull out that ace in your pocket.

If they're preoccupied with something as life-changing as the death of a beloved relative, you lose all those points you were trying to earn because that person's mind is elsewhere. When my friend delivered the gift, the girl was very happy with it and thought it was incredibly kind. What the girl needed at the time was for her guy to simply be there for her (as he was) and help out with whatever she or her family needed. Stick to something simple like a card, flowers, food, or better yet just your friendship and time.

There is a whole spectrum of appropriate dress codes for special events.

This article deciphers what is meant by a “Black Tie Optional” event versus a Black Tie Event and so on.

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