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So information has been granted a semblance of mobility and viral like qualities via the interwebs which is more than likely what made this global network take off the way it has (well, that and the mass access to porn it provided the public, but we are focusing more on the information).

Life Hacker recently reported on The New York Times intent to charge their frequent readers for content, and there have been others who are attempting to follow suit.

pathauto is an extension of the core path module which allows your Drupal site to create clean friendly URLs, this is also great for creating user URLs like user/thomjjames for user profiles.

In terms of social networking capabilities, Drupal is probably the best CMS.Taking the online information age in a potentially costly new direction. As we mentioned, this idea is nothing new, in fact, in the design community especially has seen subscription fees for full access to site content, especially with regards to tutorials.Now this idea of monetizing content is not remotely new, and in the blog realm, it has been around for a bit, but this growing into more of a trend does raise a minor flag. This is an accepted practice, and many subscribe to this idea.allows you to create new node types and add all sorts of fields.Views lets you create lists or “views” of content and imagecache is a great tool for resizing and cropping images on the fly.

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I asked more than 1,000 Drupal users what they are good at and what skills they'd like to invest in.

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