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Ariel, head curator of the authority's coin department, said in a statement.

The coin was uncovered by Matvei Tcepliaev, a 10 year old boy from Russia who had been volunteering at the project.

“The discovery of such a large hoard of coins that had such tremendous economic power in antiquity raises several possibilities regarding its presence on the seabed,” said Kobi Sharvit, director of the Marine Archaeology Unit of the Israel Antiquities Authority, in the release.

“There is probably a shipwreck there of an official treasury boat which was on its way to the central government in Egypt with taxes that had been collected.” Sharvit suggested that the treasure trove of coins might have been intended to pay the members of the Fatimid military garrison stationed at Caesarea, Israel.

Called shekels and half-shekels, the coins in the remarkable collection appeared to have been deliberately selected, with each of the nine consecutive years between 135 B. "He acted in just the same way as stamp and coin collectors manage collections today."The 16 shekels and half-shekels were stamped with the images of King Antiochus VII and his brother Demetrius II, and were minted in the Phoenician port city of Tyre, according to Avraham Tendler, director of the excavation on behalf of the IAA.

However, Tendler proposed that the coins may have been hoarded and hidden purely for their face value, rather than their collectability."The cache that we found is compelling evidence that one of the members of the estate who had saved his income for months needed to leave the house for some unknown reason," Tendler said in the statement. The coins that they found from this period were stamped with messages that showed support of the revolt: the slogan "Freedom of Zion" and "Year Two" to mark the rebellion's second year.

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A hidden hoard of silver coins buried more than 2,000 years ago was recently discovered tucked inside a rock crevice, during an excavation in Modi'in, Israel, southeast of Tel Aviv. represented by one or two coins, Donald Tzvi Ariel, head of the Coin Department at the IAA, said in the statement.

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