How much does speed dating cost

You will be greeted by a friendly host who will confirm your attendence, give you a match card and assign you to a table.

Each date is 7 minutes long and you will be asked to simply put a yes or no check mark beside each date's name you meet.

KISA phone uses a small USB plug to charge its battery, we strongly recommend the charging cradle for users who may have difficulty handling a small plug or users who would like the simplest and easiest way to charge their phone.

Please try to arrive to your event 10-15 minutes prior to the start time so we can start the event on time.

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We recommend this option for anyone who wishes to eliminate the hassle of plugging the cable into the phone as the magnet will snap into place effortlessly. If you already have a mobile number, we can port it to our network for free.

The KISA phone can be used with your SIM card, if you wish to keep your existing telco contracts or bundles.

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