Dating sites for young teens in the uk

But am I being naive in thinking sugar daddy dating is simply a case of click and collect, or are online arrangements one step away from selling yourself to the highest bidder?I signed up to where ‘the classy, attractive and affluent meet’.

More than a quarter of children using specialist teen dating apps, some as young as 13, have been contacted by adults online, it can be revealed.

Allowing adults and children to mix on services that are blatantly about flirting and relationships has the potential to put children at risk of abuse.”Last year a 28-year-old man was jailed for nine years after he groomed two girls aged 14 and 15 on, which was described by the NSPCC as a “playground for paedophiles”.

Around one in four relationships start online now, and among the millennial generation, the number is likely to be even higher.

These included a forum asking: “Do You Like To Cut Yourself?

”, which had been live for nearly two months without moderation.

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