Consolidating infiltrate

Large cell tumors are usually large, bulky, well-circumscribed, pink-grey masses with extensive hemorrhage and necrosis.

Although they commonly have central necrosis, they rarely cavitate.

(See the image below.) Clinical and radiologic data only suggest the diagnosis and can narrow the differential diagnosis.

A precise etiologic diagnosis can be made only by performing virologic laboratory studies.

They were all pretty cynical about it, with Swindler complaining that the higher-ups had been looking for a good reason to get them off Cybertron.

Along with the Off Road Patrol, Prime informed them on a pair of recent news reports involving giant creatures spotted in the New Jersey swamps and unusual storm activity consolidating over Manhattan.

pleural effusion) or infiltrated with white cells and bacteria (e.g.

Pay particular attention to: Percussion: This technique makes use of the fact that striking a surface which covers an air-filled structure (e.g.

normal lung) will produce a resonant note while repeating the same maneuver over a fluid or tissue filled cavity generates a relatively dull sound.

Swindler knows when to hold 'em, and more importantly, he knows when to fold 'em.

The physically weakest of the Race Car Patrol, Swindler instead relies on his brains to get through tight spots.

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They tend to grow rapidly, metastasize early, and are strongly associated with smoking.

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