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To Upper = "ADD" Then Dim txt_Disp Seq As Text Box = Direct Cast(dgv_Ref Tables. Find Control("_txt Disp Seq"), Text Box) Dim txt_Name As Text Box = Direct Cast(dgv_Ref Tables. Find Control("_txt Name"), Text Box) Dim Chk_Is Active As Check Box = Direct Cast(dgv_Ref Tables. Find Control("_chk Is Active"), Check Box) obj BORefered Table = BO.

Added By = CType(Session("User Profile"), BOUser Profile).

When I click on the edit button the update and cancel button appear.

Raising an event invokes the event handler through a delegate. Storing datatable in View State is not a good practice as it increases the size of your page and reduces the performance, also View State can be deciphered on the client side, so the Data Table is not secure.I removed everything I did with View State and edited the original post again with what I currently got. I cannot sort the Grid View because I'm trying to sort with Your code doesn't have Data Source ID. BORefered Table Dim Obj Controller Release As Controller. Is Post Back = False Then Try Fill Tables In Drop Down() Bind Data() 'ddl_Table Name. Message) End Try End If End Sub Protected Sub Drop Down List1_Selected Index Changed(By Val sender As System.

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You access the values stored in the event by index or name: e. So, to update, you might set the parameters as id = e. of course, if I have 20 columns I could define 20 data keys but I just wondered if there is another way instead of: Sql Data Source Locations.

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